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Jul 24th, 2019. 2 min read
Advanced Project Management
When my company decided to fully rebrand and assigned me as Project Manager, I built out this board to keep everyone in the loop on what teams were handling different milestones, when deadlines were upcoming, and what milestones were dependent on others through different automations and board structure. This overview promoted transparency across my teams and highlighted how everyone was working as a cohesive unit towards a common goal.
Getting started tips
This template is very simple to get started with! I assigned Team Leads in the people column as a point of reference for each milestone and Teams in the Team column so everyone knew their part in the project. I also used a Status column to note departments for visual effect. The Timeline column was used in conjunction with a second Status column and was set to Deadline mode to facilitate automatic reminders to teams about their upcoming deadlines. The Dependencies column is a visual display of which milestones are dependent on others so no dates overlap and everyone knows when their dependent milestone is completed.
"The automations on this board bring it to the next level and totally eliminate the manual aspect of the project, keeping the flow running smoothly at all times."
Lindsay Mayrose
Why we love this template
I love this template because it eliminates so many of the challenges that come along with managing a huge project with so many different teams and people involved. Communication on project progress is timely and automatic with a quick and easy way to reference any necessary information. It's also formatted in a way that helps me plan the timeline intricately and allows me to keep a pulse on how we're performing based on our plans.
Without this template I would
not have a medium to communicate so thoroughly with my team, view different aspects of a project at different levels based on my specific role, and track exactly what's happening at every different phase.
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this was my story
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this is my story, check it out
Rebranding Project Overview