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Jul 24th, 2019. 2 min read
Managing Many Different Teams within a Project
This board is built specifically for managing an individual team working on a larger project. During my company rebranding, I built out individual boards for each team associated with the project so they could get a zoomed in look at the specific tasks needed to hit the team milestones that contributed to the overall project. This board linked directly to the overview so teams could stay focused but also reference how this work applied to the bigger picture.
Getting started tips
This template's groups are broken out into the different milestones assigned to the team on my project overview board, and the items represent the different tasks needed to complete those milestones. The People column allows me to assign my different team members to specific tasks, and the Timeline column works in conjunction with the Status column to keep everyone up on deadlines. The Link to Item column works the real magic by allowing teams to reference and make changes directly on the Overview board. Lastly, my Numbers column allows me to track expenses associated with each task to subsequently update in real time on a Dashboard.
"Linking my team boards to my Overview helps everything flow smoothly and keeps us working together!"
Lindsay Mayrose
Why we love this template
This template highlights the different levels and layers that play into successfully completing a project across teams and departments. It's less overwhelming for teams to view information specific to them, but also still maintains transparency and displays how we're all contributing to our goal.
Without this template I would
have a hard time keeping track of each individual team's progress and be inundated with a lot of different interrelated information with no way to view them in an easy-to-process structure based on what I need to access at that time.
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this was my story
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this is my story, check it out
Team Board - Rebranding Project