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Jul 24th, 2019. 2 min read
Tracking Overall and Departmental Budgets
When managing a company rebrand project that spanned across many different departments, I used this budget tracking board to share with my different teams exactly how much was budgeted to their departments, broken down by project milestones. At the end of the project, I can enter what each team spent on specific milestones and see exactly how it compared to our budget.
Getting started tips
I structured this board so each group represented a team as well as the Overall budget at the top of my board. The items were then broken out into specific project milestones. Each team lead could reference exactly how much had been budgeted to their department on a project and milestone level. Using this in conjunction with a team management board and a Numbers widget on a Dashboard, team leads can compare in real time how we're performing in comparison with budget. Lastly, a Formula column utilizes a simple IF function to let us know if we are over or under budget when all is said and done.
"Keeps my team on budget and breaks things down in a detailed way!"
Lindsay Mayrose
Why we love this template
Budgets can get complex, especially when so many different people are involved in managing expenses across different departments. This board serves as a hub for my employees and team leads to keep track on how we're performing and save us from an overspending disaster. The Numbers Widget on the Dashboard brought this to the next level by comparing it to expenses being tracked on my team specific boards!
Without this template I would
be at serious risk of exceeding my budget and leave myself open to gaps of important information if this was not easily accessible and detailed.
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this was my story
Hi I'm Lindsay Mayrose from lindsaymayrose and this is my story, check it out
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