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Aug 29th, 2019. 2 min read
Agile Planning Backlog
We continue to add items onto the board to create a larger log of all of the content we plan on adding in the future. We need a log to house all of these ideas rather than just writing them on a white board! We then use this board to connect the workflow between planning and pushing things back for later.
Getting started tips
The first place to start would really be to make sure the template works for you. The whole purpose of this board is to house info and ideas and then to eventually move them into a content production iteration board. Make sure you are making these clear to all teammates in order to show them the status of the item, the estimated time until launch, etc.
"Its a beautiful and clear backlog!"
Why we love this template
This template allows our team to have access to the right info and allows us to make sure we are not forgetting about things! It connects perfectly with our sprint planning template and allows us to work seamlessly between the two. With our backlog we can easily connect to our iterations/sprints and ensure the workflow is smooth and clear to all!
Without this template I would
Without this template our team would most likely lose track of future projects and forget about great ideas! This board also allows us to push things back for a later date in time but simultaneously not forget about them. Without this board we would miss out on a lot of great opportunities!
Hi I'm Brett from Brett's Account and this was my story
Hi I'm Brett from Brett's Account and this is my story, check it out
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