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Sep 18th, 2019. 4 min read
Using as a CRM
This template is used to capture incoming leads using a form. From there, the sales team can work through our sales process and manage the deal from start to finish. Once the deal is won, the customer can be moved to a customer database board where an account manager can be assigned for proactive account support/growth.

Automations used:
- When DEAL STAGE changes to WON move item to WON
- When CONTRACT changes to SIGNED, change DEAL STAGE to WON
- When DEAL STAGE changes to INITIAL CONTACT move item to ACTIVE LEADS
- When DEAL STAGE changes to INITIAL CONTACT, set NEXT ACTION DUE to current date plus 2 DAYS
- When DEAL STAGE changes to WON, set BECAME A CUSTOMER ON to current date plus 0 DAYS
- When an item is created, set DEAL START DATE to creation date plus 0 DAYS
- When a new item is created NOTIFY JORDAN
Getting started tips
Create a form to capture all of the relevant information you need from your leads (Organization, contact name, phone number, email address, services interested in). When a new form submission comes in, create an automation to notify the sales lead and have them assign the deal to the appropriate team member. Then change the "Deal Stage" to initial contact - this will move the item to the Active Leads group and set the next action due date to 2 days out.

Determine your sales process and agree upon which stages your deals typically go through. Modify the "Deal Stage" status column to reflect your process, and modify the "Deal Probability" formula to accurately weight your deal stages.

From there, duplicate this board structure and create a "Customers" board - you can remove all the irrelevant deal columns and add anything that you want your CS or Account Management team to track (renewal date, active projects).

When a deal is won, change the Contract status to "Signed" and this will mark the deal stage as "Won" and move the item to the Won group.

When a deal is won, duplicate the item and move it to your customers board while keeping a copy on this board so you can use it for reporting purposes. I would recommend adding the word "Deal" to the end of the item that stays on this board so that this item becomes the deal object, while the item you move to your customers board becomes the customer object.

You can also use a dashboard to gain insight into your sales process, individual performance, workload and more.

"I like this template because it allows you to work in one place for the entire customer lifecycle from new lead to sales qualified lead and (hopefully) all the way to active customer."
Jordan Duvall
Why we love this template
One of the main problems that businesses are trying to solve is simplifying process and creating one source of truth. I believe that by using as a CRM, you can nurture customers from their very beginning stages all the way to full-on brand champions.

Enabling your team to delight your customer every step of the way and never lose track of "where things stand" is incredibly valuable for businesses of any size.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I would have information scattered in various documents, email chains, file storage platforms and who knows where else. Keeping everything in one place and knowing that everyone on my team will be operating from the same source of truth is an incredibly reassuring feeling that any business owner can appreciate.
Hi I'm Jordan Duvall from Jordan Demo and this was my story
Hi I'm Jordan Duvall from Jordan Demo and this is my story, check it out
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