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May 18th, 2018. 3 min read
Tracking Leads for the Sales On-Boarding Team
It is great to track the movement of a lead through our process (groups) as we collect the proper on-boarding paperwork. I enter in a lead as I make first contact, and track the dates. I can also add misc. notes about them as we go along. They need to have 3 sets of paperwork turned into me before they are ready to hit the operations team for a launch so without this board it would be an unorganized mess. Before this we would be forgetting who turned in which piece of information and we would look bad to our clients.
Getting started tips
We started with a handful of leads to see what information needed to be captured. Once you prove out a system with a low quantity, you can scale it. I start by tracking potential client sin "Active leads". Then, when they sign a sales agreement, they move to "Signed up" and from there I try to collect the other 2 sets of paperwork. I then put them into the "Restaurants onboarding" group and they stay there until Operations moves them to "Completed".
"Its just an easy way to manage a large quantity of different clients. Each of them own a restaurant or a chain of restaurants so they expect their shop to be the most important one, its their baby."
Niahl Sheena
Why we love this template
It is super flexible and custom to our needs! When you are talking to 50+ businesses a day, you need to see it all spread out. I love the simplicity of the board and how it is so easy to visually get an overview of everything. Also it is nice to be able to have managers and members of other departments just go in here when they have any questions instead of bothering me with them. Lol.
Without this template I would
Without this template I would probably lose track of half of my leads and make half as much money in the process. I would also spend half of my day reporting to my superiors and trying to explain why certain accounts aren't up yet just by going off of my sprawling notes and over complicated excel sheets.
Hi I'm Niahl Sheena from Snappyeats and this was my story
Hi I'm Niahl Sheena from Snappyeats and this is my story, check it out
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