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Mar 9th, 2020. 1 min read
Company updates
To get started: Create an item for each team in your company, tag @everyoneinthecompany in the comments to update them about important news.

As a distributed company, it can be difficult staying up to date on company-wide updates. Think of the “Company Updates” board as a weekly, monthly, or quarterly company meeting to share new releases, milestones, celebrations or anything you want the whole company to know about the progress your team is making. Each item will be labeled with the name of the team (Marketing, Sales, R&D), and updates for each will be added to the comments section. Having all updates logged chronologically allows anyone in the company to track team-specific progress!

Doron Eliezer
Hi I'm Doron Eliezer from monday and this was my story
Hi I'm Doron Eliezer from monday and this is my story, check it out
Company updates