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May 19th, 2018. 2 min read
Scrum Sprint Planning for SW Dev Team
Software development teams that works in Scrum methodology or a variant of it.
In our case, our development teams (around 5 engineers in each team) works in sprints of 2 weeks.
We use groups to represent sprints - each group contains the tasks of the respective sprint (we also have other groups like bugs, small enhancements, infra and so on that are used as mini-backlogs for the sprints).
Getting started tips
After using this template, our team got a lot more organized and focused on what needed to be done, who's the owner of each task and whether it's a "commitment" or "best effort" (we use a special priority to indicate that).
Also, it helped us a lot to communicate our progress to teams outside the R&D - each pulse (row) represents a task with a clear owner and then all the communication around this task is done inside the pulse
"Help your Scrum team to plan, execute, track and report progress"
Daniel Lereya
Why we love this template
It's simple, but yet very powerful. It transformed all of our Scrum ceremonies to be much more effective and fun! Planning meetings are now much less cumbersome as we all see the same board and can easily drag and drop tasks between the different iterations.
In our daily meetings we use the person filter to share updates, one by one.
On our retrospectives, we use the advanced filter to see what have been accomplished in the sprint (also compared to past sprints on the board).
We also use tags, to categorize the different tasks into epics, which helps us to understand how much did we invest in every epic.
In some cases, we use the export to Excel together with the advanced board filter to generate customized reports - for instance, "all GDPR labeled tasks".
Hi I'm Daniel Lereya from monday and this was my story
Hi I'm Daniel Lereya from monday and this is my story, check it out
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