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Jul 30th, 2020. 2 min read
To hold all requests for features of enhances
This is our hub of information about projects and tasks that need to be completed. We use this board to plan on what is going to happen in the next and upcoming sprints. Before every sprint planning meeting a good chunk of work is in the "Next sprint group" to ensure we have enough to work on for the next sprint. At a quick glance you can see items that are due, items that are new and items that need more information.
Getting started tips
Start by filling renaming the groups. The groups are really what define this board and help it keep organized. Name the groups how ever you want to. Then just start filling in requests that need to get completed! Remember to add as much detail as you can about the task in order to be able to make a good prediction of how long the task is going to take.
"It allows you to let the board do the thinking for you!"
Diana Kosut
Why we love this template
We love this template because it stores everything so we can just mind dump and not have to remember! Whenever we hear the word 'new' or 'need to develop' we add it to this board so it is never forgotten. We use this as a source of information and it allows us to see our work flow. Items do not stay here very long though. It is important to keep this clean and even have backlog grooming meetings to insure you have the most updated information.
Without this template I would
Lose track of everything that needed to get done. My desk would be filled with a million sticky notes of what each person needed to be completed by what point. My email would be overflowing with where we are with requests and my head would not be attached to my body! LOL
Hi I'm Diana Kosut from Mortgagecenter and this was my story
Hi I'm Diana Kosut from Mortgagecenter and this is my story, check it out
Template of IT Sprint Backlog