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Jul 30th, 2020. 2 min read
To plan out our sprint goals and deliverables
This board is where we execute tasks that were in our backlog or project boards throughout each sprint. We create a new sprint board every week (we work in weekly sprints) but you can make the board up however you want. We use this template as a way to stay aligned on how we are completing work every day during our daily stand ups.
Getting started tips
Start by deciding if you want to have a board per sprint or you could simply have one board and split it into sprints as each group and just keep one board for all your sprints. Use a backlog board in combination with this board to feed in tasks for each sprint which you'll decide to complete in the next sprint during a sprint planning meeting.
"Keeps track of everything we are working on during the sprint."
Diana Kosut
Why we love this template
We love this template because it has allowed us to go from a physical board to a virtual scrum board. We are able to work from home 100% with this board and our work is easily tracked. We are able to, at a glimpse, look at and understand where work is at!
Without this template I would
Without this I would not know the status of any of the items that we set to do each week. I would have to constantly ask the team member's what is going on with the board or how much time is left. Everything we set to do would also be on paper!
Hi I'm Diana Kosut from Mortgagecenter and this was my story
Hi I'm Diana Kosut from Mortgagecenter and this is my story, check it out
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