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May 21st, 2018. 2 min read
Tracking our cleaning tasks for clients
This template is used as a master cleaning lists for clients. When we take on new clients we use this board to customize their needs, set up technicians with cleaning info such as tasks, location, specific notes and schedules.

Technicians use the lists created to ensure they have done all the work accurately. It also helps us track what is done for customer service and billing.
Getting started tips
We use the column to track what needs to be cleaned for each room. We have columns for status so the crew can mark as completed, stuck, in progress etc. We have a column for notes so I can add customizations in there. The last column is for who the home is assigned to.
"to set up new clients and to reschedule current clients"
Jessica Vuckovich
Why we love this template
I use this template for automation, it enables us to make small changes to one master so that we dont have to create an entirely new list with each new client. It helps us with accessibility- its easy to get to, modify and communicate through the board whereas we used to carry a binder with sheet protectors and excel printouts. Last it helps with accountability. Technicians are able to show the work is done or they had issues and that in return helps management to track work status, completion and issues to communicate with clients.
Without this template I would
What used to take days, now takes 30 minutes. You do the math...:)
Hi I'm Jessica Vuckovich from Lamaisonmissoula and this was my story
Hi I'm Jessica Vuckovich from Lamaisonmissoula and this is my story, check it out
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