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May 23rd, 2018. 2 min read
Master Plan
I use this template to organize my general to-do's in a chronological fashion in order to determine my true priorities and create an effective plan of attack.
Getting started tips
The strength of this template lies in its ability to help prioritize goals in an honest way and then provide a clear plan for execution. Simply be honest in your assessment of how motivated you are to want to complete a task, and how important that task actually is—this kind of awareness alone will boost productivity in a significant way.
Use the Frozen group when a task—for whatever reason—is physically unable to be done by you, but you still want to keep an eye on it.
Use the Dates & Timeframes group to keep track of important deadlines.
"A SMART Overview of Goals"
Why we love this template
This template is formatted with "SMART" goal setting in mind:
• Pulses describe Specific goals
• Hours Remaining provides a Measurable estimate of the time it will take to complete any given goal
• Checklists within pulses are used to create an Achievable step-by-step action plan
• Category shows what subject the goal is Relevant to
• Goals are Time-Bound using Timeline and Groups
Also, Motivation helps provide an honest look at what you need to get off your plate free up mental energy (so you aren't dragging on that one task that just never seems to get done).
The Problem/Solution notes help clarify exactly what is preventing the goal from being completed, and how exactly to resolve that issue.
Without this template I would
Since my tasks are no longer spread across a whiteboard, various papers, Excel documents, digital notes, etc... this has saved me a significant amount of time in organization alone and has provided me with greater clarity and overall productivity in accomplishing the goals I set.
Hi I'm Adam from Adam Huckeby Music and this was my story
Hi I'm Adam from Adam Huckeby Music and this is my story, check it out
— Master Plan —