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May 23rd, 2018. 3 min read
Manage our customer happiness process
Gaszen is a startup, where transform the customer service of the gas supplier, with a device and app for smartphones, we send the level of gas, the consumption statistics, etc. We are new, so need that the process of warranty was reflected in an excel document every month. It was so confused, do a new document every month, search the document all the time and give to every client the kind of service that they need when they want. This way was so exhausted.
Thanks to my board `Warranty´, I´m able to remember every client, what they want and their needs. Also, my team has the security that every client have the satisfaction that we work. With the costume of the board, it´s easy to know every step, how many clients now are happy with the product. The life is easier.
Getting started tips
Classify every state of every step with a color, an example was that when I won a client, I know because in its process be all in green. If the client has trouble, I know because in a step of the process is red.
Register everything, the name, the id of the older device and the newst, the origin of the trouble with the past device, the solution, etc. This helps you when the client calls for first time in months and you need to know what´s going on with the warranty or if your client has a new problem with the new device.

"How I discover the simple way to customer happiness"
Jane Brokes
Why we love this template
I classify with colors every step in the warranty process, thanks to this way, I can look how successful be my strategy and the happiness of every.
Also, the board makes me know when a client has trouble, it´s possible to register the origin of trouble, the symptoms, and the solution. It´s like a blog and support may analyze and study the new trouble and work in the next update of the device.
My team feel proud and trust with the warranty process
Without this template I would
Before we spend only a month to search the information and start the warranty process. The client felt frustrated because we can´t have their information quickly and need a resolution soon.
Now the work is easier, I spend around 1 hour per day to update all the board and give a customized service, the client can be felt that getting satisfaction is a priority for us.
Hi I'm Jane Brokes from Gaszen and this was my story
Hi I'm Jane Brokes from Gaszen and this is my story, check it out
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