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May 28th, 2018. 3 min read
Manage weekly design projects
My team and I use this template to plan each weeks projects according to priority and due date. As the creative director and business owner, I guide the schedule, and this template provides a fast, visual overview of what's to come. What I love most is that I can drop in notes, links, images and resources per item so that my team can jump in with minimal input from me.
Getting started tips
This template is fairly simple which makes my life easier. It reads left to right. First is the name of the project with associated links, notes and resources attached. Next is the day in which it should be worked on. Next is the priority in relation to other projects. Last is the due date. The great thing about this system is that its flexible. As priorities and dates shift, or the scope of a project expands, I can easily plug in a new due date, additional details, or rearrange priorities that my team will see in realtime.
"This template allows me to manage multiple branding projects at once. There's a flexible, visual hierarchy to the system that can be adjusted on the fly, and it keeps my team on the same page."
Travis Bragg
Why we love this template
This template is the glue that holds my week together. With numerous brand and marketing projects always in the mix, this template keeps my head clear and my team on track. My team and I reference this template daily, especially first thing in the morning to kick off the day. With so much to get done, it saves me time, and provides focus.
Without this template I would
Before I introduced this template to my team, I struggled to keep numerous daily projects and clients in order. It was a mess of paper notes, text messages and emails. This template helps me delegate and organize projects to hand over to my team, and it keeps all of the communication in one lovely spot. The time this template saves and clarity it provides for the week has given my business space to grow!
Hi I'm Travis Bragg from qwerkal and this was my story
Hi I'm Travis Bragg from qwerkal and this is my story, check it out
Weekly design projects