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May 29th, 2018. 3 min read
Administration and Operations
I use this Board to track all thing operations and administration. Stuff that doesn't fall into program operations or funding. It changed how I organize my time and how I prioritize the tasks I work on as all the items are laid out on one screen. It also helps in keep my colleagues up to date with the items I am working on. They can easily go in and see what has been done instead of directly asking me. Everyone who is interested in admin and operations of our company (our whole 4 person team, basically) will certainly benefit from this template
Getting started tips
I got my team on board by creating an additional coloumn for a supporter role. As the owner of pulses, there are few that I could use support with and so I will tag a fellow colleague to play a supporting role and get them engaged in the board.
It was very easy to set up as I took a simple board at the beginning and slowly set up group pulses for the various admin items I dealt with and added columns as I went through it. I liked how it's easy to modify and edit at any point, in case there are additional columns that come up as important that you initially didn't think of when you first created it.
This template doesn't let me fall behind on the daily, recurring items that I need to stay on top of. It also solves the problem of having to know when the last update was made on a certain item and by who (an issue we had when using excel spreadsheets) as we can see who made the edit and at what time.
"Track and organize admin and operational tasks"
Rima Raouda
Why we love this template
I love the ability to visualize my tasks and where I am relative to its completion and other tasks that need attention to. It is brilliant because I get to share information, keep my colleagues in the know, and be open to accepting feedback at any point. I also get to have my colleagues engaged by creating a supporting role column. The transparency is brilliant!!
Without this template I would
without this template my time would definitely not be spent in the most efficient way possible. There would be too much back and forth communication on clarification on items and trying to find out what was last done on a certain tasks. BIG time saver, which means more time to dedicate to the fun stuff of helping transform communities for the better through our trainings and thought leadership.
Hi I'm Rima Raouda from Transform Finance and this was my story
Hi I'm Rima Raouda from Transform Finance and this is my story, check it out
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