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May 30th, 2018. 3 min read
Tracking our medical clients status
As a part of patient tracking and implementing services, we are pulling deadlines and information from faxes, doctors notes, multiple insurance/payer sources, and tracking signed documents from several different people. Without a central source to store all the information quickly, efficiently. Before, I felt pulled in multiple directions and was spending excessive time checking and rechecking information. A feature of monday that we really like is the timestamp of updated notes, it really helps us to NOT repeat work already done. Before Monday, I was using a google Doc to track data from multiple sources and the sending out email updates and things were getting lost in the shuffle. The best part is now, each pulse has a thread of communication so I can quickly look up what is going on. Each pulse has multiple deadlines so I can also quickly sort bases on any column. I am no longer working past 5 :) This template was a game changer.
Getting started tips
I use the template to track dates, data and workflow. Each group represents a different person and it is really helpful that the formatting stays consistent. Before, I was having to update each google doc for each person and I would often have formatting errors or would be missing data for one or more of the 4 sheets I was tracking at the same time. The columns can be customized to track what I need to track based on necessary information, for example-dates for end of deadlines, yes/no boxes for basic information, and customizable answers based on data. Its so great!
"Communicate with team members regarding of Patient's paperwork "
Claire Harvey
Why we love this template
I have stopped working past 5 since I am more productive during the day. My employees state they also feel more organized and are more independent because they have access to the information they need on their phone or computer. They do not need to call me. They also can request changes in formatting based on what works for them. Everyone wins! Changes are so easy and seamless, sometimes I feel like workflow is was changing due to new needs or problems and this template can adjust as needed. One of my employees favorite features is the notes we can leave each other. Often, we were sending multiple email threads about the same patient, and things were getting missed. Overall, this is a better way to communicate when we don't have an office/set meeting times.
Without this template I would
Continue to be sitting on the couch at night formatting google docs and tracking down emails when my husband is asking me to spend more time with him. Sometimes I felt like I was running in circles, maybe because I was-without!
Hi I'm Claire Harvey from SFS and FTS and this was my story
Hi I'm Claire Harvey from SFS and FTS and this is my story, check it out
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