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May 30th, 2018. 2 min read
Project Plan for WorkiQ Software Trial
We use this project to work with our customers and communicate what is required to run a successful software trial program. It helps communicate to the customer the resources and amount of time required from them to run the trial, and also helps them to know what to expect.

It also enables the customer to communicate with us around specific tasks, and keeps us all informed of the progress of the project without having to email status spreadsheets back and forth.
Getting started tips
This template is very specific for running a trial of OpenConnect's WorkiQ product, but the specific tasks could be modified to accommodate any product.

To get started, you would simply edit and/or replace specific tasks that do not apply to your product.
"Helps our company communicate and track progress of software trial."
Donna Tellam
Why we love this template
Internally at OpenConnect, our team members should use this template to ensure consistent management and follow through of customer trial programs.
Without this template I would
be spending time either sending Excel spread sheets back and forth, or building something on my own using Google sheets. I wouldn't have the nicely designed user experience that Mondays provides, and it wouldn't be as intuitive to communicate within the context of the project plan.
Hi I'm Donna Tellam from Openconnect and this was my story
Hi I'm Donna Tellam from Openconnect and this is my story, check it out
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