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Jun 4th, 2018. 3 min read
Track software bugs for our mobile and web app
As a small software company we develop customized web and mobile applications for our customers. To keep a good overview also with many projects, Monday fits perfectly to us with its board structure! For the reporting of bugs we use a basic template for all customers. When a product enters the testing phase, we clone the board and invite our customers to join us. Both as a developer and as a project manager it is very convenient to be able to follow the current status of the testing phase at any time.
Getting started tips
The board provides our customers with a complete bug reporting. It is divided into three groups: "Bugs", "Suggestions for next release" and "Design & Usability". Especially the subdivision between bugs and suggestions makes it possible to clarify in cooperation with the customer which points are really relevant. In addition, this allows direct connection to a second development phase. Design & Usability are also included in a separate group. This makes it easier for us to assign the tickets to our designers or developers with a focus on front-end development.

The columns are self-explanatory. The "Feature" column serves to gain a quick overview even in large projects. This makes it easier to distinguish bugs that can occur on different modules at the same time.
"Having an overview of our bugs, even for a large number of customers!"
Carolin Bauer
Why we love this template
The template is so brilliant because it can be easily duplicated for every customer. This saves a lot of work. The developers have become accustomed to the structure and can thus work more efficiently. And as a project manager it is much better than in Trello to get a comprehensive overview of the status of bug reporting.
Without this template I would
... still despair of the confusing views of other project management tools. Now no messages can not get lost and everyone knows immediately, in which processing phase the bugs are. Thanks to the coloured marking, the status can be seen at a glance. We get a great feedback from our developers and customers for using Monday!
Hi I'm Carolin Bauer from datalyze-solutions and this was my story
Hi I'm Carolin Bauer from datalyze-solutions and this is my story, check it out
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