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Jun 7th, 2018. 2 min read
Employee referral tracking
This template is used across our entire HR team to communicate the lifecycle of our employee referral program - we have team members responsible for sourcing new talent, onboarding, payroll, and organizational development working on this template. Our company is staffed almost 40% by referred candidates, and offers an incentive to staff whose referred candidates are hired. The template allows us to communicate across the various executors of the different tasks (reviewing applications, conducting interviews, processing bonus payouts) - super important since we are also a remote company. Monday's features to set reminders helps us ensure incentive payouts happen on time, and the file attachment feature means we can store all of the referral information in one place, at a glance.
Getting started tips
This board tracks referrals for new hires made by employees, who is reviewing the referred candidate, the outcome of the review, date of hire, and forecasted date of an incentive that is paid to the staff who referred a candidate who is hired.
"This template houses all the information we need to document a complex process that requires input from several team members working remotely."
Adrianne M Troia
Why we love this template
The adaptability makes this template so clutch. Adding deadlines or timelines, attaching files or comments, and being able to historically track incoming data and referral information. We can assign different portions of the process to different members of the team (who is reviewing, who is processing payouts), and make sure tasks happen on time.
Without this template I would
Without this template, we would most likely lose track of lots of referrals, and the 6-month incentive deadline -- and believe me, people like to get paid on time!
Hi I'm Adrianne M Troia from IvyGate International HR and this was my story
Hi I'm Adrianne M Troia from IvyGate International HR and this is my story, check it out
Employee Referral Tracking