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Jun 8th, 2018. 3 min read
eCommerce photo studio
We use this template to manage our photo studio operations. We track separately those products that are coming in to the studio, those product that are being shot and those that are being processed and what are ready to be shipped back to warehouse. It gives us a good overview of the whole process and gives us good insight what parts of the process are in good health and what parts need more resources. Also we use hashtags to mark different types or styles of products. that gives us the possibility to review what has been done.
Getting started tips
So if a new set of product arrives into the studio we do a new pulse under the "arrived" (red) section and give it a number. We mark the physical products set with the same number. Then we fill in all the possible attributes (category, when arrived, how many product, hashtags etc) and mark its status. For each pulse we use three statuses - has it been shot (pildistatud), has it been described (kirjeldatud) into our PIM and have the photos been photoshopped. Behind every status team member assigns herself. Also we move pulses between groups. Groups in our template represent different steps in the process and indicate where exactly those product are located.

Red - sets of products that have arrived to the studio.
Blue - sets that are being shot at the moment.
Yellow - those shot photos are being photoshopped and processed.
Black - those are not physical products but photos that we have gotten from manufacturers and need to be checked.
Green - everything is done and the products have been shipped from the studio.

So basically the target is to get all the statuses green and move the pulse to the green group.
"It makes our life (at work) so much easier and we can see each part of the process separately. "
Martin Lond
Why we love this template
We love this template because now we really can see each step of the process separately and we can move our resources to that part what really needs help. Also it is better for the manager to see what is going on in the studio and understand what each team member is working on in any given moment. Also it takes a bit of stress out from the work because it easier to understand how much work lies ahead.
Without this template I would
We would be sort of working in the dark because it would be difficult to grasp the amounts of products that are waiting to be shot and photoshopped. Without this template we would definitely forget to shoot some of the products because we shoot a lot of products in one day and they would get lost in between other products.
Hi I'm Martin Lond from Kaubamaja stuudio and this was my story
Hi I'm Martin Lond from Kaubamaja stuudio and this is my story, check it out
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