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Jun 12th, 2018. 1 min read
Manage weekly, bi-weekly and monthly creatives
Our team uses this template to state tasks. Track the progress of our tasks and we use it by communicating through the notes section in conjunction with posting links for progress.
Getting started tips
Color coding is the name of the game. I like to color code depending on priority and category. Each column is important for easily understanding what is "going on"
"Simple. In-Depth. Colorful."
John Marki
Why we love this template
Task management doesn't have to be boring. Add some color in your life!
Without this template I would
Stuck adding things to iCal and Outlook. BOooooooooo!
Hi I'm John Marki from Kingsofvapor and this was my story
Hi I'm John Marki from Kingsofvapor and this is my story, check it out
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