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Jun 13th, 2018. 2 min read
Plan the production of our first podcast
Currently, I'm the only user of this board. I'm the only user right now because the production of our podcast is a new idea for us, if we are to launch it, it will most likely be on my shoulders to handle the pilot. However, if it's successful and we continue to produce episodes, I'll be sharing this board with my entire team (1-2 other folks) and asking for help on various tasks.
Getting started tips
As this is a pilot (and we are a staff that is stretched far too thin), whether or not something is worth our time is always at the top of our minds. We think the podcast has value, but I emphasize the columns "projected time" and "actual time" to see how long this pilot will take to produce. If my estimations are off, it says that I'm not assessing my competencies or the ease of the task accurately. Columns like "status" and "timeline" are fairly self-explanatory.
"The template is great because it will help us track if the podcast's a good bang for our (time) buck!"
Eric Horvath
Why we love this template
Everyone should use this template because it really promotes efficiency and a realistic self-assessment of how productive you are being. Without this template, I'm likely to spend far too long on topics, and ultimately, held less accountable.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I don't think I would be organized enough to produce this pilot podcast. Since the content is so promising and aligns so well with our work, we really want this pilot to come to fruition; thanks to this Monday template, we feel supported to get the job done.
Hi I'm Eric Horvath from Transform Finance and this was my story
Hi I'm Eric Horvath from Transform Finance and this is my story, check it out
Podcast planning