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Jun 13th, 2018. 3 min read
Handle all our outgoing communications
Not Easily Broken Ministries is a parchurch non-profit ministry that seeks to equip every couple to be the story of the gospel in their community by providing informal, but highly dedicated, competent, and effective couples mentorship. Because we are such a small organization (2 employees, 1 full and 1 part-time), we pretty much wear all the hats. The assistant director and I used pretty much every haphazard tool we could avail ourselves of to try to keep track of all the letters, phone calls, texts, facebook messages, and emails that needed to go out on a daily and weekly basis. This template allows us not only to streamline communication to our donors, board members, and community, but also to each other. The assistant director and I use this to quickly and efficiently assign one another communication tasks, as well as keep track of task completion and offer updates on long-term communication projects, such as direct mail campaigns or monthly email lists.
Getting started tips
Having a calendar of donation initiatives, events, projects, etc. enables us to plan out in some detail communication initiatives that will become necessary over the course of the year. However, we don't want an unnecessarily bulky board, so we've divided our objectives into a handful of useful groups. These include: This Week, Next Week, Two Weeks, This Month, Next Month, and Beyond Next Month. These groups allow us to keep track of upcoming projects while also prioritizing the projects that are most imminent. Pulses in groups for later in the month or year can be easily moved between groups as necessary. The Owner column tells us who is responsible for the communication. Status and priority help us keep track of one another's process as a method of accountability while also ensuring that the most important tasks are handled first. The due date shows when we expect tasks to be completed, and the timeline shows us exactly how long we have to work on them.
"It makes every kind of an organization's communication simple and accountable."
Paul Morales
Why we love this template
The point of this template is streamlining. Everything that we need to communicate to anyone we might need to communicate it to gets fed into one space and is easy to view, organize, and track. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure that we stay accountable and on top of our tasks, and the ability to leave messages and comments ensures that we can give each other insights, advice, encouragement, resources, and reminders as necessary.
Without this template I would
lose my mind trying to figure out who talked to who and when and what was said.
Hi I'm Paul Morales from NEBMinistries and this was my story
Hi I'm Paul Morales from NEBMinistries and this is my story, check it out
Communications tasks for our ministry