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Jun 13th, 2018. 2 min read
Stay on top of our clients and estimates
We use this board to manage who is working on what estimate and to do some light tracking of where the estimate is in our pipeline. This board keeps us organized and on track to help close sales. It has been critical to focus our work for the month to make sure we stay on top of our numbers.
Getting started tips
The ease of use of Monday to modify on the fly made this board set up very simple. We took our trello and started to make stages on the estimates, and got the template to how we want it with some basic iterations. At this point it has become a bit of a rinse and repeat with very little modifications. The board is being used to track where we are with each estimate, details of scope, who its assigned to.
"Helps my team plan out who is working on estimates, and where we are"
Samad Saifudin
Why we love this template
Its a simple template that allows us to stay on track and provide focus for a young sales team. We are also able to duplicate pulses for estimates that are very similar for clients. Overall having this board makes it easy for me to jump in to help close a sale.
Without this template I would
At least 2 man hour of meeting time a week to review where we are on estimates. That in it itself has helped closed more deals because it gave us more time to follow up with estimates.
Hi I'm Samad Saifudin from Insightin Digital and this was my story
Hi I'm Samad Saifudin from Insightin Digital and this is my story, check it out
Lead management (estimates)