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Jun 14th, 2018. 2 min read
Track our real estate properties and clients
We have two divisions in our company: brokerage, and property management. Most of the workload is in property management (hence the main board we use), as we manage approximately 25 properties in Silicon Valley. We are primarily tracking day-to-day activities and projects related to management (leasing, maintenance, owner updates, renovation projects, ideas to improve our business, etc). We use to prioritize items, delegate among team members, update each other on everything, and monitor the workflow. It is a very dynamic tool.
Getting started tips
Each group within the board is a property address under management, or a general aspect of the business (i.e. "leasing). The columns include priority (low, medium, high, and top), links to other documents, due dates, and more.

For brokerage, each board is assigned to a particular member of our business development team, to track emails, offers, mailers, etc.
"It is dynamic because you can drag and drop, prioritize, color code, delegate, update each other, and archive completed tasks"
David Katz
Why we love this template
We are able to efficiently track to-do list items, then archive it to continually truncate the list. We update each other thru the app and review it together as a source of "truth" in our company when it comes to doing one's job.
Without this template I would
Use google drive, cross-out each item, cut and paste it to the bottom, put priority items in bold, and then after the list becomes too long to scroll, I would create a new word doc to truncate everything. is much better!
Hi I'm David Katz from Delucci Management and this was my story
Hi I'm David Katz from Delucci Management and this is my story, check it out
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