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Jun 16th, 2018. 5 min read
Track Restaurants Quarterly Audits
This template is one of many I use for my team. We are responsible for many different aspects of operating a successful franchise quick casual restaurant in a specific area. The particular board is designed to track one mandatory audit required by our franchise system to be completed each quarter on each restaurant in our area. There are 18 individual tasks (restaurants) that we manage.

This particular board is used to track each quarter of the year. It is typically assigned to one support staff. However; it can be assigned to another if the deadline is approaching soon and there are still audits to complete. Audits that do not pass require a follow up a week or so later so at times it is necessary to assign multiple support staff to assist in completing all audits on time.

As we are fairly new to, we continue to modify our boards and discuss the value and or need to modify the board and task design. So, it's still a work in progress!

Presently, we have 9 completely different boards that we are tracking status of. Each of the boards are connected to each individual restaurant by their hashtag. It is quite helpful to see where we are with each restaurant prior to meeting with the owners/managers or a regular basis.
Getting started tips
This board is one specific mandatory quarterly responsibility of my team. Therefore, there are 4 groups (one per quarter) that are repeated each year to track the 18 individual restaurants that need to be audited. The title is specific to the name of the particular audit.

Each group is named by the quarter and year it is required. Each task item is one specific restaurant.
- Column 1 is the location of the restaurant
- Column 2 is the team responsible for the audit
- Column 3 is the hashtag of the restaurant number. The same hashtag is used for all other boards and tasks that are tracked for each cafe so this column is quite necessary and useful.
- Column 4 is the current status of the audit. The flexibility of making status remarks that are relevant to our needs is very helpful.
- Column 5 is the planning for when the audit should be conducted.
- Column 6 is the date that the audit did take place.
- Column 7 is the score of the audit
- Column 8 is noting pass or fail result
- Column 9 is the status of a follow up audit
- Column 10 is the planning timeline for a required follow up
- Column 11 is the score of a follow up audit
- Column 12 is a text box to indicate when the final audit was completed.
"Keeps a mandatory job responsibility to be completed on time. "
Laura Jankowski
Why we love this template
We love this template because of the quick snapshot of status and ability to assign any specific task to another support staff as needed to complete the task by a specific mandatory deadline. We use multiple different boards to track other required responsibilities and they are all connected with each restaurants hashtag. It's a quick visual and used during our weekly planning meetings. However as the main person in charge of these requirements, I view it regularly and message support staff as needed to keep us all updated and focused.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I would continue to use a google doc spreadsheet that is shared with my team. Although it's quite useful, it's not nearly as detailed as using which has the ease of connecting each individual cafe to the multiple different types of areas we are required to oversee for the purpose of operational excellence and business success.

The more I'm learning and using, the more my team is held accountable.
Hi I'm Laura Jankowski from TSC Long Island and this was my story
Hi I'm Laura Jankowski from TSC Long Island and this is my story, check it out
Restaurant Quaterly Audits