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Jun 17th, 2018. 4 min read
Track Exec. Scheduling and Meeting Requests
I am a virtual office manager, and my client is an executive and leadership coach. She needs for me to schedule all types of appointments for her - phone, Zoom, in-person meetings. My client loads the template with people she needs me to schedule appointments with. She provides me with the person's email address, the type of appointment she needs and the reason for the meeting. I then use the balance of the template to keep track of where I'm at in the process, how many contacts I've made, and when an appointment is scheduled for my client. We also use it to communicate whether or not a meeting is high, medium, or low priority. This helps me prioritize the scheduling and how quickly I need to find a spot in her calendar. Once I schedule the meeting for her, I move it from the Unscheduled group to the Scheduled group. If I have made 3 attempts to schedule the meeting, it gets moved to the Remove from Scheduling group for her to address on her own.
Getting started tips
The board has a place for the person we need to connect with, their email address, why we need an appointment with them, how long the appointment should be, type of appointment and the priority level. This is the info my client provides to me. Then I make an initial contact, record the contact #1 date, and additional contact dates so we know how many times we have reached out to this person. I provide a status so the client know where I'm at. When I make an appointment, I log the appointment date, and move them to the Scheduled Group. If I have made 3 contacts with the person, or they have told me they are not interested, they are moved to the Remove from Scheduling group. The client can then decide what they want to do with these people.
"Helps us organize requests for appointments all in one place."
Lori Young
Why we love this template
We love this template because everything we need to know about connecting with someone important to the business is all in one place. There are no requests for appointments lost in the email cyberspace. It can be a complicated process to handle multiple scheduling requests for a busy executive. Add to that the busy schedules of the people we are trying to connect with. This template allows us to stay organized and move along in our process. Before this template, my client would just never connect with people she met because she was too busy to handle the scheduling. Now she is connecting with more and more potential clients and her business is skyrocketing!
Without this template I would
Without this template I would go crazy trying to keep up with all my client's emails asking me to schedule this appointment, and that appointment, etc. I would be frustrated because I wouldn't know how many times I have tried to set the appointment. Without this template, my client would not have near as many appointments set, and opportunities to meet new people, gain potential clients and grow her business.
Hi I'm Lori Young from Virtualofficemgr and this was my story
Hi I'm Lori Young from Virtualofficemgr and this is my story, check it out
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