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Jun 18th, 2018. 2 min read
Collaborate on monthly marketing newsletter
We use this to collaborate and write stories that we send out on a monthly basis newsletter to our customers. This allows us to efficiently collaborate with each other to finish the task sooner. This is a great way to keep us organized and on top of what we have compeleted and what we still have to complete.
Getting started tips
We start off with the month, they assign owners and overall status on the story. We have due dates and a link tab to insert any links we may have. The Gannt chart keeps us aligned on timeline and meeting deadlines.
"Saves time and the hastle of going back and reading old emails to find details on where we left off."
Jelena Tomic
Why we love this template
It increases efficiency and overall communication, we are able to finish this within a week as opposed to previously without Monday it took us almost a month. Our roles recently changed but our previous responsibilities are still expected to be done. Our monday board allows us to stay on top of deadlines but allowing us to effecienlty collaborate.
Without this template I would
We would lose time having a meeting and side conversations and also have to look back at old emails to find out owners and overall if the story has been created. We would be behind on deadlines and unsure what has been done and who needs assistance to finish the newsletter on time.
Hi I'm Jelena Tomic from Bell and this was my story
Hi I'm Jelena Tomic from Bell and this is my story, check it out
Content scheduling for newsletter