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Jun 18th, 2018. 1 min read
Manage magazine tasks during production
We each have set tasks throughout our monthly production schedule. All are assigned to members and we are asked to update our task list before the due date. Since task due dates change each month, this allows sales and editorial to stay up-to-date on each task for coordinating - specifically when it comes to advertorial content.
Getting started tips
We have one production group, with each person assigned different roles based on due date. The due date starts on Day 1 of production, going to the final date.
"Simplicity! Everyone has a role and it is focused specifically on a magazine production schedule"
Emily Koenig Hapka
Why we love this template
This easy template allows us to quickly look over deadline status and see who is struggling with meeting the timeline. It's great for keeping an entire production team on one page.
Without this template I would
still be lost in e-mail chain after e-mail chain.
Hi I'm Emily Koenig Hapka from Quirks and this was my story
Hi I'm Emily Koenig Hapka from Quirks and this is my story, check it out
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