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Jun 19th, 2018. 2 min read
Stay on top of calls the doctors need to make
Every day we have potential new patients, current patients, local business professionals calling to ask questions to our doctors. However, the doctors don't have any time to take a call throughout the day. Therefore this board allows us to keep track of all the calls, who needs to return the call, the status of the call, the reason for the call, & any extra notes pertaining to the call.
Getting started tips
We input the name of the caller, the reason for the call, who is assigned as the callback doctor, the status of the callback, and the priority of the call. Every day we start a new group for that particular day to keep track.
"This template makes thought unnecessary when it comes to callbacks."
Dr. Vinny Cuviello
Why we love this template
Any doctor running an office & having a difficult time getting to the phone throughout the day should certainly use this template to save themselves hours per week.
Without this template I would
Either miss countless callbacks that never got relayed to me or spend much more time trying to get the details from my team members & have to pay them for this wasted time.
Hi I'm Dr. Vinny Cuviello from Amplify Chiropractic and this was my story
Hi I'm Dr. Vinny Cuviello from Amplify Chiropractic and this is my story, check it out
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