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Jun 19th, 2018. 3 min read
Prioritize & keep track of ministry operations
My assistant and I fill this template out by adding the things that need to get done, the people that need to be communicated with, meetings that need to be planned, things that need to be ordered, etc. for the current week as well as the week coming up. We then sort by priority of each pulse, add the time it will take to complete, and update the status as the week goes on. My assistant and I both have access to this shared template, making it a great team tool as we can check in on how each other are doing with task completion and the status of different priorities throughout the week. We can also add files and comments to each task, and a notification is sent to the other when anything is edited on a task.
Getting started tips
I keep this board sorted in a number of ways. The first thing I do is sort by priority of the task- labeling it low, medium, or high priority. This is the order I will then complete the tasks that week in order to be the most effective with my limited time. Another way I sort the pulses on this board and read it is by the amount of time I anticipate a task will take. Depending on the available time, I will look at the tasks that fall under that time range and complete them. Once a task is completed, I will drag it to the bottom of my board. You can get started with this template by making 2 groups of pulses; 1 group for this week's tasks, and 1 group for the next week's tasks.
"This template is brilliant because of the time management strategies and the prioritizing features available for you to organize your to do lists!"
Justin Jenkins
Why we love this template
We love this template because it allows us to stay in the know about what we are working on without having to ask. It allows my assistant to add things that need my attention and it allows me to update my assistant on things just by changing their status to "done" on my pulses. I love this template because it keeps my weeks organized and I am able to see the amount of time I am spending on certain areas of my ministry.
Without this template I would
Without this template I would not be as focused on the most important parts of my week and I would have to put a lot more effort into communicating different tasks to my assistant which would not be the best use of my limited time. This template replaces the communication back and forth at times and allows me to stay efficient.
Hi I'm Justin Jenkins from Velocity Church and this was my story
Hi I'm Justin Jenkins from Velocity Church and this is my story, check it out
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