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Jun 19th, 2018. 2 min read
Scheduling tasks for our design projects
Monday allows us communicate tasks and due dates within our team and stay on top of deadlines. Tasks are put into sections, by departments, in order to help us complete the tasks sequentially. We set one person as the owner of the task with a co-owner to assist with the task to ensure tasks get completed on time. It's a great accomplishment when we finish projects on time using Monday!
Getting started tips
Our board is a simple schedule divided into departmental sections. Each team member is an owner of a task with a co-owner to help with the task. We have deadlines and we see where everybody is at with their task(s). We regularly update so everyone is aware of which step in the process of the project we are in.
"It allows us to stay organized and see updates of our tasks to complete projects in a timely manner."
Jonathan Rivas
Why we love this template
This template really helps us keep track of important tasks by sections. The sections are in order so we complete the tasks sequentially to ultimately complete projects within our deadline. Each person is responsible for a task with their own deadline to meet. We also see updates of other people's tasks to see if anything might slow us down.
Without this template I would
GO CRAZY trying to stay organized and figure out where people are with their tasks! It has really helped our team stay organized and on top of their tasks. We no longer have pointless meetings and constant emails going back and forth leading to no solution. With Monday, we really enjoy finishing projects on time and getting things done without wasting time!
Hi I'm Jonathan Rivas from LSO and this was my story
Hi I'm Jonathan Rivas from LSO and this is my story, check it out
Tasks for Project X