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Jun 20th, 2018. 2 min read
Track production process and orders status
We use to track all our production orders. We know exactly where each order stands. We have a team of design, production and delivery. Each team can update what they have done for which order, so we can know at which part of the process is actually each project.

Everything is here: the client name, the order # for invoicing, all our teams, and the timeframe to deliver the order to the client.
Getting started tips
First we have the company name, then a a short description, then an order number that is the actual quotation number (so later the administration department can make the invoice when the pulse is move to the delivered group when the project is ready), then the date for deliver, then 3 columns for the process updates (each responsible of each process update in what part of the process the project is daily), then a timeline so we can value how much time each project was under production.
"Because every team member can have a panoramic view of all of the open and closed projects in a blink of an eye. "
Cesar Matos
Why we love this template
Because it makes us the work smarter, simplest and more organized. It save us a lot of time = money!
Without this template I would
Mmm.... my team will not be as efficient as they are now!
Hi I'm Cesar Matos from Grafix and this was my story
Hi I'm Cesar Matos from Grafix and this is my story, check it out