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Jun 20th, 2018. 3 min read
Track where our marketing projects stand
We use to track our projects for our clients. We know where everything stands - what is needed for the client, and who's doing what.

The project manager assigns the tasks for the project, assigns the person and the time frame. Then, the team must begin to develop said tasks (materials, videos, promotions, SEO) in the designated times with the information about the project!

The project has a limit of 30 days, but the working time is approximately 10, this allows us in case of delays to know what project is out of time, in our calendar and to keep deliveries on time with the client.

It also lets us know, what phase is missing and who is responsible.

The team has a time projection and there is a history that the project director can review to improve the processes or their management.
Getting started tips
The project is designed in phases: it has the description of the project, the name of the company, the person assigned to the phase, the total time of the project, the time of development of the team, the times approx. that it takes to elaborate those functions per person, the date of elaboration of that pulse, the phase in which each item is included.
" It allows me to know to which company this project corresponds, the total time of the project or contract, the people assigned, the internal development times of the company"
Alejandra Doncel
Why we love this template
It saves us a lot of time, resources, seeing the information in different sources, and gives us a better attention to our final client, since we know exactly how your process is included. The time saving is abysmal for the project manager.

It is easy to use for the whole team.
The ease of seeing the advances in the cell phone is wonderful. The previous system was cumbersome, and inefficient, because there were always pending things.
Without this template I would
I would not go back.

It would be impossible to know the progress of the clients or which clients require more attention, after the time it became unmanageable the monitoring of projects and in our personal case, these projects that take more than 6 months, it is important to know what month we were in the project.

After a lot of reviewing and viewing other systems, Monday offered us a visually comfortable and easy to use interface for everyone, clear, it is almost impossible to forget something.

Hi I'm Alejandra Doncel from Proyectos and this was my story
Hi I'm Alejandra Doncel from Proyectos and this is my story, check it out
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