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Jun 20th, 2018. 4 min read
Keep track of communications with congregation
Before I started using this template with my lead pastor, I had to communicate back and forth with him about which emails I was taking care of, which phonecalls I had returned, etc. It was getting messy and confusing to keep track of which people were being responded to and which people needed a call back or an email reply. This Monday template allows me to upload the emails I have that need a written out response approved by my lead pastor via pulses on the board titled "EMAILS" and gives my boss the peace of mind that they have been taken care of since he doesn't have access to my email. This is a great way to communicate email responses between 2 people without having so much back and forth communication that can get lost in text messaging and emailing.
Getting started tips
You can read this board based on the title of the pulse where I will put the nature of the email and the email recipient. I will take the main idea of the email I received that needs a response or even an email the I have yet to write to someone who needs to be reached out to and I will add a comment to the pulse if further explanation is necessary for my boss to see. I will then determine the priority of the response. If I need to make sure that email response is sent by the end of the day or the beginning of the week I will mark it's priority as HIGH. If an email can be passed on to another team member or it is not a critical email I will mark the priority as LOW or possibly MEDIUM depending on the nature of the email. You can also see that I will determine the amount of time it will take me to draft the response or email in order for me to keep track of how much time I am devoting to emails in a week's time.
"This template is brilliant in getting emails responded to efficiently & communicating this to another team member to ensure all communication is happening."
Taylor Horvat
Why we love this template
We love this template because it allows us to see what emails I have already taken care of in the week and what emails can be deleted from our main church email account because they have been responded to via my assistant email account. We love this EMAIL template because it allows us to prioritize the responses and update each other in a quick way on the communication to our congregation.
Without this template I would
Without this template I would have a hard time remembering which emails I still needed to get done in the week and I would have to take extra time to explain to my pastor the nature of the response and the time a response was sent out. Without the template I would have to take more time out of my work week to double communicate.
Hi I'm Taylor Horvat from Velocity Church and this was my story
Hi I'm Taylor Horvat from Velocity Church and this is my story, check it out
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