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Jun 21st, 2018. 2 min read
How UVA Medical Education tracks team progress
We each plot out our tasks and projects for the whole team to see where we are in completing them. We are able to prioritize these and not have to micromanage everyone as they are responsible for updating their roles as needed.It's nice to be able to see what everyone is working on, especially because I work from home- whereas the rest of my team works in an office setting together.
Getting started tips
As projects for each individual arise, we add them to our board. We add the priority in order to see what task we should tackle first. As updates come long, we edit our board and share notes and progress. When a task is completed we typically will remove it from the board in order to make more space (visually) for others. We are on a cyclical cycle with the Academic year so it's a good reminder of things.
"Its just the simplicity"
Margaret Kuhlman
Why we love this template
Our team really loves the ease of and the way we can track the progress of each person on our team. We work as a unit but each have tasks that are separate and rely on another. It's nice not to have to micromanage everyone but still be able to see where their tasks stand against the deadlines.
Without this template I would
easily lose track of who is doing what, how 'vital' the project is, and where others stand on projects that need to be completed (most of the time, we need to keep track of this in order for other team members to then take over.)
Hi I'm Margaret Kuhlman from UVA Medical Education and this was my story
Hi I'm Margaret Kuhlman from UVA Medical Education and this is my story, check it out
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