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Jun 22nd, 2018. 3 min read
Track manufacturing orders for our clients
This template has been a great asset to enable better management of all of our incoming orders, not only for us internally but also for our external customers. The template used, enables us to search for any order at the drop of a hat and know exactly what has is currently happening and also the order history.

Getting started tips
The use of the board is very simple.
Name the new pulse with your order number and patient name if required. At this point, we also attach the worksheets and any required information within the pulse.
The pairs column is a visual view of how many pairs of insoles is required.
Due date is the date on which the product needs to to be despatched by.
Order type is a tick option for the type of product required.
Status is the current status/location of the product.
The scheduled column is to assign the technician who has been scheduled to manufacture the product.
The picked column is for whoever gathered the stock components for the order. The QC column is to be checked off by the quality control officer to say who carried out the quality check of the product.
The despatch column is to be checked by the team member who despatched the product.
"We could not work efficiently without this template as it joins all of the team members together and allows constant trace-ability of all of our orders. "
James Evans
Why we love this template
We love this template as it creates a connection between all elements of the manufacturing process, from admin to manufacture, through quality control back to despatch. This template has provided an easy management system with easy to use filters which makes scheduling and order management practically foolproof.
I would recommend to any manufacturing facility to improve work flow and productivity.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I think I would lose my mind along with losing track of all of our orders and would have no order history to refer too. This would cause admin issues and also customer frustrations. This template has ensured we can provide the optimal in house and customer experience possible.
Hi I'm James Evans from Rightstride and this was my story
Hi I'm James Evans from Rightstride and this is my story, check it out
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