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Jun 26th, 2018. 3 min read
Track external requests for our team's help
We will use this board to streamline a system that will encourage our fellow employees to include the marketing team in projects so we can advise and keep an eye on company branding when others are producing customer-facing materials. We will pull this board up during our weekly team meetings and review new requests and decide what to do with them.
Getting started tips
The board must be Shareable. The external request form is hosted on Google Forms with email notifications being sent upon submission. The Google account was invited to the board as a Guest and can now email form submissions to the board to create new pulses. The Google Form has a Project Title field which is included in the email subject line and so becomes the Pulse Title. The rest of the form submission becomes an update in the Pulse. Also, the requester (coworker) can be invited to this Board to see updates and status changes for the project.
"We do not have the resources or time to triage every request that comes to the team or to an individual. This board will collect all the requests so they can be reviewed and prioritized by everyone"
Crystal Hopper
Why we love this template
We can pull it up in a team meeting and as a team discuss new submissions, if and how we will support the project, who will take lead, and how the new project impacts other work. Everything is documented and we're all on the same page. There are no more surprises when someone emails or stops by our desks to ask for a project update. We have one place to get updates and information from. And the coworkers making requests of us don't need to feel uncertain about their project because they have the visibility they need.
Without this template I would
Have a word doc for people to fill out and email somewhere, then I'd print and bring the document to a meeting or fill out a spreadsheet. Tracking and logging would be cumbersome and details would be lost among the team. I would have to make time to email status updates out instead of just giving people the visibility into the project that they need/want.
Hi I'm Crystal Hopper from Computers Unlimited and this was my story
Hi I'm Crystal Hopper from Computers Unlimited and this is my story, check it out
External Requests for Marketing Assistance