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Jun 26th, 2018. 2 min read
Keeping track of wedding video projects
We use this template to keep track of the status of projects and to get an idea of when they will all be completed. We can see what everyone is working on instead of constantly getting updates from everyone. If a customer calls we can just look at the pulse and know what the timeline is instead of getting back to them later after having a discussion about it. It also allows us to see what people are working on outside of the office at home.
Getting started tips
We used to keep spreadsheets and folders with contracts and notes to keep tabs on whose project was next in the queue. It allows us to be more focused and stay on track. I love how I can see what all my people are working on without worrying or asking them specifically every day.
"This has created more autonomy and provides a way to stay on track of everyone and our clients' projects."
Alex Baker
Why we love this template
We love to be able to not only see what we are working on and the order in which projects need to be completed, but we are able to see the balance of each project and what is outstanding. It is very visual and helps us get a better handle on everything.
Without this template I would
Hi I'm Alex Baker from Black Horse Videography and this was my story
Hi I'm Alex Baker from Black Horse Videography and this is my story, check it out
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