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Jun 27th, 2018. 5 min read
Track clients and projects for manufacturing
We are a distributor of packaging supplies. Our objective is to help manufacturers of industrial supplies reduce their costs and we do this buy selling them the supplies they use in their packaging and shipping operations. This ranges from boxes, bags, strapping, pallets, bubble wrap, crates, custom packaging, etc..

Before, we were using email primarily with some specific language used in the subject line. It sucked! I've been with the company for 13 years and sold for and managed sales for most of that time. I have tried so many ways to manage all the different items and deals we quote to our customers and prospects.

Honestly, is the best!
It allows our team to communicate easily and lets the salesman see what all he is working. Prior to we also used BASE CRM, and it was really great but it lacked the ability to keep track of the details of the costs and communication from our vendors.

I designed this board so the sales force could keep track of all the items/deals that they quote for their customers and prospects. It also allows me (sales manager) to see what everyone is up to and gives me the ability to comment/provide suggestions to the sales team at a glance. This board tracks the deals they are working with existing customers and prospects or new opportunities.

I'm not big on meetings and this board makes the need for meeting with individual salesmen pretty much irrelevant. I am able to use the new 'bad ass' filter function that you guys have developed and dive down into everything an individual is working. It also provides one place for our backup and specific notes regarding the deal which is an amazing time saver.

It's eliminated so many freaking emails and cleaned up our communication. Our sales team can get their own pricing or turn it in to our inside support, this board distinguishes who is responsible for the getting the pricing. It also shows date submitted and due date. We have a couple of status indicators so we can see how the request for pricing is moving along. It also provides for a final status of the deal, for instance, if we won the business or if we lost it. Recently I created a few other groups, so that when a deal is won, lost, put on back-burner we move those deals/pulses to the corresponding group.
Why would you recommend this template to anyone managing clients?
This board lets me, sales manager, see what is going on daily. Allows me to help from a distance. It provides a pipeline glance to the sales force and me as well. It keeps all the details in one place. It also is huge in helping the sales team keep track of everything they have working.
" makes this template awesome and I love! This is the tool I've been looking for forever!"
Ryan Houston
Getting started tips
The columns, I think are pretty self explanitory. The first column is where we designate the customer and the deal "nickname". For example: ABC Manufacuring - custom printed box. The next column is for the customer name, then we have a 'tag' column, not sure we will keep this column but we use it currently. Then we plug in our best guess at estimated monthly profit that the deal will produce. Owner of the deal is the next column follow by processor, this will either be the owner or our inside person. The next column is the 'Type', we've designated a few standard options based on how we work. Then there is a column that is only used if something is urgent. Following this column is the submit/due date info. The 'Stage' column indicates where the request process is. The next two columns 'start date and end date' are really only used when the inside person is the processor of the request for pricing. The next column is just a visual reminder to the individual to make sure they include all the necessary backup. Then the 'Sales Status' lets the salesman know where his deal is and then makes it possible for us to sort pulses into the groups we designated. Creation log is new and I just dropped it in, I like it. Having all this info visible makes it very easy to check on everything you've got working and the filter ability lets you look at just your specific deals and helps to prioritize.
Without this template I would
....hate the way we are doing things and still be looking for a solution. Now I'm done looking and can get onto other things we want to improve.
Hi I'm Ryan Houston from Mpi-tulsa and this was my story
Hi I'm Ryan Houston from Mpi-tulsa and this is my story, check it out
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