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Jun 27th, 2018. 2 min read
Entering all items of delivery & synchronizing
Before Monday, we were using lot of apps, like Calendar, Spreadsheets, Drive, etc. and now we have it all in one place. We have a 5-persons team and we all enter all items of delivery & synchronize them with the rest of the team remotely. We are on 4 different continents.
Why would you recommend this template to anyone managing clients? is the best tool online.It's a all in one CRM with an awesome UI / UX! It will help your company grow and it is very useful in managing tasks, clients and staying in schedule and follow ups. It increased our performance by 80% and it helped us in bonding our team.
"Best UX / UI in the market! It is very easy to use Monday, it's simple, attractive and efficient in every way!"
Alex Plamada
Getting started tips
First of all, communicate with your team to find out your real needs and the most efficient way. Then, try out the best template on (FYI - there are a lot of pre-made awesome templates for different type of activities). Next, you choose the right columns, think about the colors which suit the best (for example, if you label a column depending on the timing, let's say you choose green for Done, yellow for Pending, red for Urgent and gray for Not scheduled). That's a way to do it. At the end of the day, each person and each team have their own preferences, so it's up to you!
Without this template I would
I would still use the usual mainstream tools (more than 4 in general) and would not be on schedule. The flow of our team was improved and keeps us involved and connected. It took us a lot of time to do these tasks before, but now we have it all synced!
Hi I'm Alex Plamada from Crowdsourcing Week and this was my story
Hi I'm Alex Plamada from Crowdsourcing Week and this is my story, check it out