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Jun 27th, 2018. 3 min read
How helps teams track sales
This board is the bee's knees and elbows and all that! The board allows us to track prospects and leads when they are discovered, and bring them into the sales funnel. Once we qualify the lead we bump it up to the next level. This works great if you have people qualifying leads and then handing them over to account managers. We have the account manager finalize the sale, track which part of the sales process each client is at, as well as acquiring all the important data involved. At this point we have a sales support staff take over and execute the sale. They change drop down tabs to let the account manager know where we are with delivering on the client's order. Three people all working together seamlessly with fewer email chains, lack of accountability, and confusion. What is great is for our larger clients is I duplicate the board and share it with them so they can also track where we are in their process. It works great and the clients who work with us on here love it!
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If you are looking for a way to follow your clients through the sale life cycle then this is it! It makes it easy to keep your sales team on track with a sale and not leave money on the table.
"It takes the pain out of running a sales team"
Alex Benda
Getting started tips
This board was just one person's sales tracker that we shared inside our company. So with some slight adjustments, this works for a single person to large teams. My suggestion is to go through and change the drop downs to match your sales funnel or the life cycle your customer goes through. There is a sales support person who takes the sale over once we finalize everything. If you have that person then keep the column otherwise if it is the same as your sales person feel free to drop it as needed. I even thought about tracking the sales and profit on the board for sale competitions. It depends on how open you are about those numbers inside your company.

Without this template I would
Drop sales - How many times do you get a lead and then a week goes by and you realize you haven't followed up, and now you just end up ignoring it?

This template puts an end to drop sales. No more emails getting lost and losing client quotes or small details that come back to bite you in the butt. This board let my sales team nearly double their time by making communication and on boarding that much faster.
Hi I'm Alex Benda from Oh Hello Promo and this was my story
Hi I'm Alex Benda from Oh Hello Promo and this is my story, check it out
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