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Jun 27th, 2018. 2 min read
Track New Leads
Our entire team shares this leads board. Typically I handle all incoming leads and will update the lead board with as much information as I have. If someone else on my team gets updated information they can either fill in the boxes or update the notes section. The notes are very helpful for us because many people have specific situations that pertain to their home purchase or refinance and we can easily store that information there.
Getting started tips
This lead board is built for the most important information but also general information we like to have as we begin to work with a potential new client. As they move through our process, they get moved to different boards. So if this template doesn't cover it all for you, remember that it's just a first step with preliminary information and you can create more boards with different information for later in your pipeline.
"Fast to fill out and easy to retrieve information from"
Lane McLeod
Why we love this template
It is extremely important to our business that we regularly check in with leads. If we are not checking in and showing that we care, they could easily go somewhere else. We love this template because it tracks to make sure we have had three contact points with them and the notes allow us to list the details of each phone coversation.
Without this template I would
Without this template, I would be at a loss for where we stand with our leads. Not only would I be unable to follow up effectively and prioritize which leads are the most important but when my team asks for updates on specific leads, I would not be able to give them accurate information quickly.
Hi I'm Lane McLeod from HomeSure Lending and this was my story
Hi I'm Lane McLeod from HomeSure Lending and this is my story, check it out