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Jun 28th, 2018. 4 min read
Education Management design plan
We are a small linguistics team creating a language course for Indigenous Australian languages. The concept is to allow communities to create their own language courses using our course design. We use and this template to see the content we currently have within our course and what we plan to input into each unit. This particular template allows us to compare each kind of lesson as it progresses over all of the 12 units. We can keep track of what the actual content of the course is and what else we have planned for it. The status allows us to update the other person in our team so that we know where that particular lesson is at, such as 'needing work' or our favourite "almost done"! We also have a priority status for any work that needs doing asap by another team member, which we combine with the @mention feature to make sure nothing gets missed. We use the update feeds specific to each lesson to keep any questions or discussions about particular lesson focused and on track. We also use the 'checklist' feature within the update feeds to create our to do lists which everyone can access and tick off as they get things done.
Getting started tips
Work out the layout of your actual course, what kind of lessons will you have and how many units will the whole course entail. Match this up with the lessons and units pulses on our template and then begin filling in your planned content. As you create content and place it into the actual course website you you can move that over to the 'actual content' column just by copy and pasting. Use the different coloured status tabs to let the rest of your team know where this lesson is at. Create a 'to do' list within the update feed and get working on it! Each action means you are one step closer to finishing your course!
"Save time on project management so you can lose yourself in creation!"
Marcella Maloney
Why we love this template
Creating an entire course from scratch is hard work! Working out how everything will fit together can be really hard to visualise, and we work remotely all from separate locations, so it can be really hard to know who is doing what job when. Now everything is in one place, in real time and everything that we do has a record so we all know who's doing what, and when they did it. We now have all correspondence linked to the topic we are talking about and will never have to trawl through old emails trying to find our ideas about new content! With and this template we have a way to manage this project that is fun and really works!
Without this template I would
Be pulling my hair while using google spreadsheets, emails, word docs and a million other files to plan, design and keep track of our course creation. This meant that we often lost information, forgot what things we were working on and spent hours going back and forth between all the different records trying to keep on track. Now everything is in one place and with a beautiful easy to access layout, and bright colours to make it fun!
Hi I'm Marcella Maloney from BK Online and this was my story
Hi I'm Marcella Maloney from BK Online and this is my story, check it out
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