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Jun 28th, 2018. 1 min read
Track of Real Estate clients' status
We can all keep track of what is happening with clients at all times, as the boards are updated immediately. We can assign tasks to each other, in particular our admin and transaction coordinator....and when they are complete, we all know they are complete. It has turned a jumbled mess into a manageable system that is easy to use.
Getting started tips
Replace your clients desktop folders and any other to-do lists into the template. It is that easy. As things happen, login or get on your phone and it is updated to anyone who is logged in. It has truly been a chaos organizer and time saver.
"It has taken utter organized chaos and turned it into a manageable system."
Gary Lambdin
Why we love this template
It saves us so much time. Everything about the system works for our team.
Without this template I would
Be working 2 or 3 extra hours a day trying to look over all the systems we we are in the same spot and a lot less time.
Hi I'm Gary Lambdin from The Lambdin Group and this was my story
Hi I'm Gary Lambdin from The Lambdin Group and this is my story, check it out
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