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Jun 28th, 2018. 2 min read
Global Sales Tracking
Before using Monday we used Salesforce to track our leads. Our team was never able to customize the system in a way that makes sense for our business. Terms like "log a call" didn't work, and you had to hire expensive consultants to build the system you need for your workflow. With Monday, we can design any system we want, easily rename categories and functions, add notes with a single click. Now our tracking system reflects our business.
Why would you recommend this template to anyone managing clients?
At a glance you can find any information you would need about each lead - where it is in the process, how much the deal is worth, when we last contacted them.
"It reflects us, and how we manage our business. Not a generic company."
Ashley Balogh
Getting started tips
We collaboratively approach the sales process with customers as they move from pipeline to R&D to Quality and finally production. The color coding gives we assigned to stages gives you a quick reference to how many we have in each stage. And, we can have more than a typical sales process of open closed or won.
Without this template I would
Using Monday let's me move all of my project communication to one system. I don't need slack for chatting, salesforce for forecasting, email for attachments. It's too easy to get lost with all the systems. One system for everyone to stay up to date on each lead.
Hi I'm Ashley Balogh from Juniper Naturals and this was my story
Hi I'm Ashley Balogh from Juniper Naturals and this is my story, check it out
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