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Jun 30th, 2018. 3 min read
Vocabulary list/Dictionary for Language course
We are a small team creating a new online language course for an Australian language previously never taught online to second language speakers. We are literally starting from scratch and creating the resources as we go, with direction from the language community themselves. There are not really any comprehensive vocabulary resources in existence...yet... so we need to create a resource for the students of this language. At the moment while we are in the creation stage of the course we are just building up the list, so this template from allows us to sort our vocabulary alphabetically and by the unit in which it first appears. We use various status columns to let us know what kind of resources we have for each word, i.e. video or audio, we also record which part of grammatical speech it is and the translation in English.
Getting started tips
This template is really easy to use, you just assign the unit numbers and the languages you are showing a translation for. Then you start assigning each of the words with their status, sources, and grammatical category by colour. Its that simple!
"It streamlines your workload so you can focus on what matters..."
Marcella Maloney
Why we love this template
The greatest thing about this template is its simplicity. The ability to change the statuses using coloured tabs means that it is so easy to know what you have, just at a quick glance. Its functionality as a template is quick and easy, so if you move a word into another unit in your course you can just drag it there on without having to copy and paste each word then fix up the rows etc. The great thing as well is that you can, if you need, export it to excel and then print out the word list. So you are getting the best of both worlds in one!
Without this template I would
Going mad copy and pasting every change into a new row or column on excel. Wishing there was a way I could just click a new tab when we added a new audio recording to a particular word. Wondering how I was ever going to get the vocabulary list in order as I wanted it. Forgetting which colour meant which edit change. This is a very similar tool to Excel but it has one big difference. Its interactive, flexible and nothing gets lost. The fact that you can preset the coloured status tabs means you don't have to choose a different colour each time like you would if you highlighted it in Excel, and you don't need a 'key' to understand what your colour code is in the first place!
Hi I'm Marcella Maloney from BK Online and this was my story
Hi I'm Marcella Maloney from BK Online and this is my story, check it out
Vocabulary list for building our course