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Jul 1st, 2018. 4 min read
Manage Software Development Roadmap
We are Loginno which is short for "Logistic Innovation" and we give shipping containers a brain, eyes and ears and turn them into IoT monsters!

We actually used to manage our tasks using Google Keep and a Google Spreadsheet. This led to tedious constant reporting; now, thankfully, eliminated by!

We use mainly for software development, and this is our main template for that purpose, but this template can also be used for any project which is updated on the go, and consists of rolling tasks one after the other, with no end in sight.

It's also a good template to host all the crazy ideas of the company, with hope of them getting enough traction to be prioritized for production.

Getting started tips
This is how our instructions appear in-board for new users:

Welcome new user! The below consists of instructions on how to use this board. Please read carefully as this will become your main tool for tracking and executing software development tasks, so here goes:

1. All S/W development ideas will appear on this board.

2. Anyone can add a suggested development idea/feature in the "Roadmap" group of pulses. Don't be ashamed to suggest! Brainstorming is awesome.

3. Each suggested idea/feature should have the following before moving it to "In Execution" and actually starting it: (a) technical explanation on the suggested method and (b) hourly estimation

4. Development manager decides on priority and order of tasks after getting the complete development requirements/estimations

5. "Timeline" column must be used when officially starting a task. Deadline should also be assigned in activating timeline.

6. After finishing a task (including QA) and committing it to the production environment - the task moves to the "completed" board

7. Please don't forget to

(a) update actual hours after finishing the task and before moving the task to "completed"!

(b) update the feature in the relevant documentation task on "How to use this board" group

"Because it simplifies and unifies software development and puts the "dreams" and the reality in one board to compete with each other!"
Shachar Tal
Why we love this template
We went through a lot of software development systems and never got it right. Through's flexibility, we were able to pinpoint the bare minimum we needed in order for the system to work (that is detailed in the "How to get started with this template" section), and then played with adding and removing columns until we got it just right for us.
Without this template I would
Without this template we would be lost in an endless list of tasks and manually updating every step. Since allows working seamlessly within the app itself, all task statuses are visible, and allows easy assessment of each task.
Because we just look at the board and within a minute we understand exactly what is the status, it negates the need to have a weekly meeting and actually saves us time and improves our dev speed.
Hi I'm Shachar Tal from Loginno and this was my story
Hi I'm Shachar Tal from Loginno and this is my story, check it out
Software Development Roadmap