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Jul 1st, 2018. 2 min read
Website development for Shopify website
We manage people from all over the world on this board. We have a website with lots of different pages (retail) and need tasks per type of page. This is the project bible. if a task is not there it does not exist!
This task list is always updated. everyone can control their tasks. When a task is over we remove it, keeping only tasks that need attention.

This tool is so great, can be costumed to different kind of projects, as well as personal life issues - All in one place. Monday changed my life!
Getting started tips
This board manage people from all over the world. Each group refers a page of code in the store app.
Each tasks is been assigned to a different function in the team so all can follow easily. The task owner determine the priority
Why we love this template
This board makes Shopify's customisation easy and clear to all the people share the board.
Without this template I would
Be missing a lot of time following a project with so many small tasks that need to follow.
It was difficult to control and understand project status. lose small details that is falling between different communication methods and file transfers.
Hi I'm yafit from Tree-ecommerce-solutions and this was my story
Hi I'm yafit from Tree-ecommerce-solutions and this is my story, check it out
website tasks per website page