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Jul 2nd, 2018. 2 min read
Content Calendar
The first step is a collecting info about the different events that will occur during the year and plug them into the calendar. It can be general events such as "Family Day" or "Environment Dad" or company events such as exhibitions and trade shows. Then we have a team meeting where we brainstorm for content ideas according to events, business goals and funnel. Based on this meeting we create the structure for an annual/quarterly/monthly plan
The next step is that each content project is assigned to a PM who is usually the writer or content manager. Each piece of content is also assigned to a
This is when workflow from writing, editing, publishing, designing, promoting and measuring results is set.
The template also addresses content type (blog post, brochure, newsletter etc), Market (audience) and due date.
Getting started tips
Copy the template and create a monthly content plan (try to be as detailed as possible), assign each piece of content to a writer
Once it is assigned you can decide what type of content it is (ebook, blog post, social media post). Set a due date, go over each step of the process: writing, proofreading, design, publishing and promoting.
Chose date it was actually done. and that is it!
"Simple is brilliant :) 1 board manages a whole workflow"
ronit abdoo
Why we love this template
It is simple and also gives me an overview at a glance I can see: the entire plan, what stage it's in, it's purpose, medium and industry.
Also it's searchable, so I can zoom in on a specific piece of content
Without this template I would
Creating a content plan that is shared with team members and a timeline would have been very difficult.
Hi I'm ronit abdoo from Tuttnauer and this was my story
Hi I'm ronit abdoo from Tuttnauer and this is my story, check it out
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